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POST CODE 830 & 840 In Marc ( For Marc versions 2013 & 2013.1)

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Status:    Published
Published date:    06/16/2014
Updated:    08/12/2014
Reported In:   Marc & Mentat (2013) - Marc Solver
  Marc & Mentat (2013.1) - Marc Solver

Abstract (Question)

Marc Pre state description in Marc Vol. C says Post Code 840 must be used for multiplicative plasticity, but post code description is not available for code 840.


Description (Answer)

In Vol. C "PRE STATE" description, it is mentioned, “is used and the job involves multiplicative plasticity or rubber elasticity with updated Lagrange formulation, the post variables defined by post codes 821, 831, and 840 must be available in the previous post file".


However Post code 840 description is not available,as it is not  supported. Hence post code 830 has to be used instead of 840. Both the post codes 830 & 840 will output Determinant of deformation gradient tensor.


In previous Marc versions post code 840 was available, hence this article is valid for Marc versions 2013 & 2013.1. In the future releases, post code 840 will be replaced by 830 in the PRE STATE description.