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Using the special FSAE database with Adams Car

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Published date:    07/29/2021
Updated:    07/29/2021
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Created with Version:   Adams (2021)
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Abstract (Question)

How can I simulate the suspension characteristics and full vehicle maneuevers for my FSAE vehicle with Adams Car?

Description (Answer)

To use this special Formula SAE (FSAE) database with Adams Car, follow one of these two approaches depending on your familiarity with Adams Car:

1)      If you have never done this before, first be sure you have completed the Getting Started with Adams Car tutorial (in the online Help) so you understand this product’s vehicle modeling & simulation paradigm, including the important role of subsystems, assemblies, communicators, & templates.  Then read and follow the detailed steps contained in the FSAE_template_2012.pdf file attached to the bottom of this article.


2)      If you have experience with Adams Car, you may be able to follow these more concise steps:

a)      Download the file attached to this article to a convenient directory where you will store your Adams Car data.

b)      Extract all those zipped files, being careful to maintain the same relative folder & file locations.

c)      Start Adams Car (in Standard mode, if prompted).

d)      Select File >> Select Directory and browse to select the directory you used in Steps 1 & 2.

e)      Click Tools >> Database Management >> Add to session

f)       In the Add Database to Session window:

i)       For the Database Alias, enter fsae_2021

ii)     For the Database Path, click the adjacent File Navigator icon (which looks like a folder) and search to select the folder you created on your computer called fsae_2021.cdb. Click Ok

g)      Click File >> Open >> Assembly

h)      In the Open Assembly window, right-click in text field and select Search>> <fsae_2021>/assemblies.tbl

i)       Select any assembly – for instance, fsae_full_vehicle.asy  and then click Open.

j)       The template may take a few moments to open, depending on your computer.


Please note that the same procedure is followed in v2021 as is documented in the attached file FSAE_template_2012.pdf; substitute '2021' for '2012' for all occurrences in this document.

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