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Accessing SimCompanion as an Academic User

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Updated:    02/16/2017
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Abstract (Question)

Users with University Accounts or Student Competition Bundles are entitled to 'Academic User' level access to SimCompanion, receiving full access to the technical articles and other materials found there. However, this access must be requested.

Description (Answer)

Some SimCompanion articles, like this one, are set to 'Public' which means that anyone may follow a link to this page and view it. Many other articles, however, require 'Academic User' level access, meaning that the user must be logged in and have their account setup properly by MSC personnel (see Access Level Change Request below).

Academic Users have access to the same articles as the Commercial User type, however, they are not entitled to Support from our Technical Support team. For a given University there are a small number of “Academic Designated Contacts” – these contacts are allowed to log Technical Support issues. To determine who is your school’s designated contact please email: 

If it does display “Please Login Here” after “Cannot View Article”

You are not signed in. Follow the 'Login Here' link to register and/or sign in using an university email address. After login, if your account type is not set to 'Academic User', you would now get the similar message below when trying to visit the page.


If it does not display “Please Login Here” after “Cannot View Article”

If you are signed in to the SimCompanion website but still cannot access articles then your access level is likely not set properly.  Fill out the Access Request Form  to request a level change. In the description state the program (FSAE,Baja,etc) and the University you are associated with. Set account type to Academic User. It is best to include your school’s Agreement and/or the CEID number (see here for how to locate your CEID) but if you do not have that information, the field may be left blank. Example shown below.




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