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Published date:    08/29/2012
Updated:    03/19/2015
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This page should be the starting point for anyone interested in using Adams/Car for FSAE. It contains instructions for getting Adams, as well links and descriptions of many Adams FSAE resources, including the FSAE Database.

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Adams Car for FSAE

Adams/Car for Student Competition Teams (and University use)
MSC provides bundles of software, including full Adams and Nastran suites, to competition teams at no cost! Also, for professors, MSC products are available at discounted prices for classroom and research use.

Getting the Software for your Team
Please go to the Formula - Student page, click on the "Contact Us" link, and fill out the web form. Please use official university email address. Please choose subject "Student Competition Software Request" for your inquiry. Please state that you'd like to get a Competition Software package for your teams and include the University name, program name (FSAE, baja, etc) and contact info.

Getting Academic Level access to SimCompanion
This article is Public but others require ‘Academic Use’ level access. If you get the message below, you need to log in and/or have your access level set to ‘Academic User’.

View the article Accessing SimCompanion as an Academic User for more info.

Resource Directory

Getting Started With Adams/Car and Adams/View (not-FSAE specific)
Series of introductory , good primer for familiarizing youself with Car, View, and other products as well
From any Adams product goto Help > Adams Help > Getting Started with ...


(SimAcademy Webinar Archive) Academic: Introduction to Adams/Car for Formula SAE

1-hour video introduction to Adams/Car for FSAE


Using the special FSAE database with Adams/Car

Download and install the 2010 FSAE database

Download and install the new 2012 FSAE database


Formula SAE Applications with Adams Car

Archived 1-Day FSAE training workshop, great to familiarize yourself with Adams/Car

Modeling a FSAE Suspension in Adams/Car

In-depth PDF guide focused on suspension subsystem definition


Formula SAE Flexible Body Tutorial

Create a flexible upright in ViewFlex and see how it affects overall vehicle performance


Formula SAE Adams/Insight Example

Create a D.O.E. in Adams/Insight to determine the optimal roll axis position/inclination


Adams University Forums

Post on our forums where experts regularly reply to student questions




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