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Tips for installing the MD Adams Student Edition 2011 on Windows

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Published date:    10/11/2011
Updated:    07/12/2014
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I am about to install the MD Adams Student Edition 2011 on my Windows computer.  Do you have any tips for how I should proceed?

Description (Answer)

The Adams installers on Windows are straightforward to use.  Installation can take a while but is mostly automated.  Some preparation can be key to a successful task.

Update Graphics Drivers

Adams uses the OpenGL graphics standard but many computers ship with pre-release graphics drivers that can cause problems such as memory conflicts and screen artifacts (see KI8008185).  Take the opportunity to update those drivers before you install Adams and it can prevent difficulties later.  The best practice is to determine what kind of graphics hardware you have then download drivers directly from the chip makers Nvidia or ATI/AMD as appropriate:



Installation and Write Privileges

Make certain that you have the privileges needed to install applications and to write into directories before starting.  On Windows 7 and Vista you will need to right-click on the Adams installer and choose Run As Administrator (see KB8019340) even if you are logged in as an Administrator.  This may seem like a redundant step but security is much tighter in newer versions of Windows.

Disk Space

Make sure that you have enough disk space for the application and documentation.  The installer is about 0.5 GB and the complete installation is about 1.5 GB for 2 GB disk space total.  Of course, you can delete or back up the installer when finished to save that space.


Set aside enough time for the installation and be patient!  Depending upon your CPU and hard disk speed the process can take 20 minutes or more.  Much of that time is spent installing the electronic documentation (many small files).  When the installer has finished copying files it applies write-protection to most of them to prevent accidental deletions.  When that process is complete a dialog will appear that says, "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable."  If you close the installer before this dialog appears you may have a missing DLL that will prevent Adams from launching (see KI8008204).

Start In Directory

When Adams/View launches it needs to write files to set up the environment, record a log of actions, etc.  Make certain that you start Adams from a directory to which you have write privileges or the application may not be able to function properly.  On Windows 7, a desktop shortcut will work but a Start menu launch will not (see KI8008200).  It is good practice to create a directory for your Adams files and set the Start In field in the Windows shortcuts (see KI8008065) to point to that directory.  Adams/View will be able to write needed files and you will have a location for your Adams models.


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