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Unable to play some Web videos from the MSC site

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Status:    Published
Published date:    06/17/2011
Updated:    07/12/2014

Abstract (Question)

I am trying to watch the recording of an MSC Webinar but nothing happens.  Do I need additional software?

Description (Answer)

Here is a typical MSC Webinar recording:

Your computer must have three items to show this Web video:

1.  Adobe Flash Player installed - Flash is widely used for Web video (e.g., YouTube) and must be installed in your Web browser.  The current download is at and you can check to see which version you have installed at

2.  TechSmith Screen Capture Codec installed - MSC often uses Camtasia Studio to record longer events such as Webinars.  Video quality is good and file size is reasonable but the video requires that an additional "codec" (coder-decoder) be installed on your machine.  The TechSmith codec is a free download at

3.  JavaScript enabled - Some of the longer videos have a "wrapper" that requires JavaScript to be enabled in your Web browser.


A corporate, government, or educational institution may not allow one or more of these features.  Please check with your IT staff for help.  For example, you might be able to download Flash Player or the TechSmith codec but you may not have sufficient privileges to install the software.  Similarly, some organizations disable JavaScript for security reasons.


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