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Patran 2010.2 Student Edition Licensing Problem

Tech Articles ID    KB8019822
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/20/2011
Updated:    07/12/2014
Reported In:   Patran

Abstract (Question)

Why am I getting a license error when running MD Patran 2010.2 Student Edition?

You have requested to run MSC.Patran on a Windows <Hostname>(MacAddress)(OS Info). There are no version 2011.0201 licenses installed to satisfy this request. License File: port@host Please request your systems administrator to review the installation procedures for MSC.Software products on your system and/or contact your Support Representative for further assistance.

Description (Answer)

MD Patran 2010.2. Student Edition requires no licenses. A user, however, will get this error message if there is an existing MSC_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE variable that is set to anything except "EDU" on their machine.

The workaround is to either change the MSC_LICENSE_FILE variable value to "EDU" or edit the $P3_HOME\ file:

1) Open the file: C:\MSC.Software\MD_Nastran_Student_Edition\20102\Patran\ with "notepad"

2) Change the following line from:




setEnv('MSC_LICENSE_FILE','EDU', 'OverWrite');


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