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Solution Download Center (SDC) - Adding New Users (admins only)

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Published date:    10/05/2010
Updated:    07/12/2014

Abstract (Question)

A user at my company contacted me regarding adding them to the account.
Apparently I have the permission to do this.  How do I add the user?

Description (Answer)

Upon logging into the Solution Download Center (SDC) , click on 'Account Members' in the left column, under the 'Administration' section:


This will bring up a list of active members on your specific account, along with their current permissions.

Download is self-evident.  Admin privilege lets you:

  • Create new users
  • De-activate users
  • Change user permissions

Admins can create other admins, or take permissions away from other admins.

To add a new user, select an address from the top dropdown (needed for export compliance) or type in a new address if necessary.  Then, click on "Go to New Member Form":

This will bring up the form to add the user.  All required fields (First/Last Name, Email, Language) are indicated with an asterisk.  The default permission is Download only.

When the form has been filled out, click "Submit Membership Info" at the bottom.


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