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Using the special FSAE database with MD Adams/Car 2010

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Status:    Published
Published date:    06/25/2012
Updated:    07/19/2018
Reported In:   Adams (MD 2010) - Adams Car
Environment:   Intel IA-32 (32-bit compat)
Created with Version:   Adams (2010)

Abstract (Question)

How can I simulate the suspension characteristics and full-vehicle maneuevers for my FSAE vehicle with MD Adams/Car 2010?

Description (Answer)

To use this special Formula SAE (FSAE) database with MD Adams/Car 2010, follow one of these two approaches depending on your familiarity with Adams/Car:

 (A)  If you have never done this before, first be sure you have completed the Getting Started with Adams/Car tutorial (in the online Help) so you understand this product’s vehicle modeling & simulation paradigm, including the important role of subsystems, assemblies, communicators, & templates.  Then read and follow the detailed steps contained in the FSAE_template_MD2010.pdf file attached to this article.

(B)  If you have experience with Adams/Car, you may be able to follow these more concise steps:

 1.    Download the file attached to this article to a convenient directory where you will store your Adams/Car data.

 2.    Extract all those zipped files, being careful to maintain the same relative folder & file locations.

 3.    Start MD Adams/Car 2010 (in Standard mode, if prompted).

 4.    Select File >> Select Directory and browse to select the directory you used in Steps 1 & 2.

 5.    Click Tools >> Database Management >> Add to session

 6.    In the Add Database to Session window:

      1.         For the Database Alias, enter fsae_MD_2010

      2.      For the Database Path, click the adjacent File Navigator icon (which looks like a folder) and search to select the folder you created on your computer called fsae_MD_2010.cdb

 7.    Click OK

 8.    Click File >> Open >> Assembly

 9.    In the Open Assembly window, right-click in text field and select Search>> <fsae_MD_2010>/assemblies.tbl

 10.  Select any assembly – for instance, fsae_full_vehicle.asy  and then click Open

 11.  The template may take a few moments to open, depending on your computer.

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