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Running the Windows FLEXlm 11.9 Installer

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Published date:    05/02/2014
Updated:    10/30/2017
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Created with Version:   MSC Licensing (11.9)

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How do I install FLEXlm 11.9 on using the install wizard?

How do I install updated license file?

I need help to install and configure license server using the license file provided

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Note: The installation Wizard may give error if you have a previous version of MSC Licensing FLEXlm installed, uninstall previous version using Add/Remove programs than try launching the installation Wizard again.  Make sure to have a backup copy of your License.dat file elsewhere if you are just upgrading FLEXlm version before removing. If you are having problems uninstalling the previous version of FLEXlm, please see article: KB8020434

Download the Windows FLEXlm installer from the Solutions Download Center (SDC) under the "MSC Licensing FLEXlm" section.



The name of the Windows installer is: msc_licensing_11.9_windows3264.exe


 Double-click (For Windows Vista and Windows 7, Right-click and select "Run as Administrator) on the downloaded file to start the installation.


Click Next

 Click Next



Select New Installation and click Next




 Use the default installation directory and click Next




When prompted for a license file, Browse the license that was issued to you for your machine. This file could have been saved anywhere on your system.

This FLEXlm installation will make a copy of the file and place it in the FLEXlm installation directory: C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\11.9

Click Next



Enter port you want to use, or keep the default to 27500.

The installer will make a modification of the license file to point to the proper MSC Vendor DAEMON:  

SERVER this_host 00221923261f  27500
DAEMON MSC /your_path/msc

will become:

SERVER IND-SUNILGAI  00221923261f  27500
DAEMON MSC C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\11.9\msc.exe

License file location will be: C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\11.9\license.dat

 Click Next

Click Next

Click Ok

Click Finish

At this point, you should have a new license server started in your Control Panel/Services:

To verify that the license servers is up and running please check the lmgrd.log file (C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\11.9\lmgrd.log)



 To point your MSC products on client machine to the license server:


 Set the environment variable MSC_LICENSE_FILE and set its value to port@licenseservername ex. 27500@ind-sunilgai.

 To set the environment variable:

 Right Click on My Computer ->Properties->Advanced system settings->Environment variable->System Variables->New

Enter variable name as MSC_LICENSE_FILE

Enter variable value as port@licenseservername


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