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Where should I go to get a new license?

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Published date:    07/16/2010
Updated:    09/21/2016
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Abstract (Question)

My license is expired.  Where do I get a new one?
I would like to transfer the license to another server.  How do I get the license regenerated?
I would like to add a product to our license server.  How can I do that?

Description (Answer)

Disclaimer:  Hopefully appropriate troubleshooting has already taken place.  Very often, customers assume that because their license is not working, there must be something wrong with the license (and they want to request a new one).  If this is the case, Sales Administration will request that you go through MSC's Support channels first.

However, sometimes there are valid reasons to request a license be sent to you.  Often a license server is retired (or catastrophically fails) and needs to be replaced.  Sometimes, a renewed license is lost, and need to be re-obtained.  Sometimes, customers wish to amend their license file with a new product (need a new feature generated).

Sales Administration is capable of looking up an agreement, and generating licenses.  They often locate licenses that previously were generated, but have since been lost at a customer site.  They are the appropriate folks to contact in these cases.  If you have a previous email sent from MSC, try contacting that individual first.  Or, if you know your MSC Account Manager, you may contact them as well.

If you do not have the contact information (phone or email), but know the name of the person you are trying to reach, you can try contacting a regional office (or, this is where you go if you purchased our software through a reseller channel).  These are listed at:
(see the "Support Contact Information" link on the right)

Or, if all else fails, you may feel free to contact MSC Support (see the Submit Online Request link on the right), and we can assist in directing you to an appropriate sales administrator.

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