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MSC's Solution Download Center (SDC) - Electronic Downloads

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How I can access and download software from the Download Center?

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Where can I download your software?
What download options are available to me?
How do I get access to software download center site?
What if I want CD's/DVD's?
Why can't I see older software releases?


SDC Introduction

Since 2006, MSC's method of software delivery has been exclusively through electronic download at our Solution Download Center:

This has several benefits, including:

  • Immediate software access upon release
    • Customers are sent emails as soon as our software releases are ready.  This eliminates what was a 6 week delay between "going gold" and first customer shipment, due to the time necessary for producing media. The download link is available to all 'active' licensed users.
  • Software repository
    • Customers no longer have to worry about "losing CDs".  They can simply go out to the Solution Download Center and redownload the software again.
  • Software "fixes"
    • If necessary, we may perform a shelf-replace on a product to correct an oversight.  From that moment on, future downloads will have the correction.  All customers who have downloaded that product release can be immediately emailed about the "fix", and can obtain it from the download center.

This delivery mechanism saves developing durable time and cost in labor and materials, allowing better focus on serving our customers and devloping our software solutions.

MSC no longer produces or delivers physical media (CDs, DVDs).  Most of the product releases on the SDC are available as both the product installer, and ISO images of the media (in case you wish to burn your own).  If being shipped physical media is a necessity, see the section at the bottom of this article.

Download Options

Upon logging into the SDC, one may click on the 'Download Preferences' link on the left:

SDC - Download Preferences

If you wish to receive an email notification after download completion then, please select 'Email Confirmation check-box' and click on "Save" as shown in the below image.

If you wish to download multiple files simultaneously then you need to install "Download Manager". When you login to SDC portal for the first time & select multiple files to download then you should see the following prompt. After clicking on "download the installer", 'Download Manager's setup file will be downloaded. Now for installation, right click on setup file--->select "Run as Administrator" option and complete the installation. Kindly note, this is the one time activity.

If you face any issues while downloading the desired files using 'Download Manager' then, you can try "Direct Download Method" to download the files individually as mentioned in below image.


SDC Access

In order to obtain access in the MSC Solution Download Center, you need to have an account created there.

*NOTE - Having an MSC Web account (which you have used to view this article) is not the same as having an account on the download center.  They are two different sites.*

The user will need to register for Solutions Services Download. The account will be setup once MSC has received and verified this information. The process will also send username, password and a URL to access the SDC account.

If your site already has an Electronic Delivery Administrator (or more) established, that is the person you should see about either getting download access or about getting you a copy of the software.  There are a couple reasons for this:

  • MSC does not wish to intrude upon your company's access policies to software.  As such, we let companies manage access however they see fit, and refer requests for access back to those existing administrators.
  • It is much faster for an EDA to add a user to their own account (takes under a minute to do).  MSC commits to within 4 business days (often much faster, but no faster than once or twice a day) for processing a request.

In the event that your company does not yet have an EDA (or the admin has left the company and a new one is needed), you may still apply for access.  Make sure you know your MSC Agreement number first (you can obtain this from your sales account manager or account admin at MSC).  Then, on the download center front page, you can click on the "Registration Page" link.  Or, you can just click on


Physical Media

While MSC itself no longer produces physical media (CDs, DVDs, manuals), ISO images are available (for most products) for download if keeping a physical copy is necessary at your site.  You will need software (there are many available) and a device capable of burning ISO images to disc (CD or DVD-RW).

If necessary, these may also be obtained through another company that produces and delivers this on-demand.  You can click on the "Order Media" link in the upper left on the download center (after logging into the SDC), and it will pass you over to that company, along with your available products.  That 3rd party is responsible for the pricing, manufacturing, and delivery of physical media.


Older Software Releases

The Solution Download Center was first populated at the end of 2005.  As such, the earliest available releases of most software tends to be the 2005r1/2005r2 versions.  Versions released before that timeframe will not be available.  Some examples (incomplete list) of our earliest available versions are:

  • MSC Nastran 2005r2
  • Patran 2005r2
  • Adams 2005r2
  • MSC Marc and Mentat 2005r2
  • Dytran 2007r1 

However, some customers also may not be able to see versions going back even that far.  For example, one may only see MSC Nastran going back to 2007, and cannot see the 2005r2 or 2006 releases.  This is because the start date of the MSC Agreement for that account was not active when those releases were current.  Customers who first purchase our software in, say, Jan 2008, will only see back as far as the releases which were available on that purchase date (such as MSC Nastran 2007).

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