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Adams Tracked Vehicle (ATV) Toolkit

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Updated:    06/28/2017
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Can I build and accurately simulate tracked vehicles in Adams?

Description (Answer)

Customized software called the Adams Tracked Vehicle (ATV) Toolkit has been developed by the MSC Consulting Services group. This customization work enables Adams users to easily model and simulate detailed track systems.

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The ATV toolkit is available as a plug-in for Adams. Based on dialog box input or input from toolkit-specific database files, the toolkit creates geometry for hull, sprockets, idlers, tensioners, road wheels, support rolls, & belts, and adds all necessary contact routines between these elements. Contact with ground can include soft-soil behavior which allows track systems to run, for example, in sand or snow. The toolkit also includes an assembly routine that positions the track segments around the track system wheels.

The toolkit includes two track models. The most advanced is the Dynamic Track model which models each belt segment as a rigid part connected to other segments via force elements. This gives a realistic 3D model of the track. The second track model, the simplified String Track model, models only the forces between the tangential points of the wheels.

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