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Understanding MSC Web Account Access Levels

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Published date:    09/23/2009
Updated:    08/21/2014

Abstract (Question)

What are the different MSC Web Account Access Levels and how do they affect me?

Description (Answer)

SimCompanion is one of many resources available to MSC stakeholders. Access levels determine which resources are available to the various stakeholders. The following information provides details for how this works:


What are the different access levels and the resources available with each?


  Access Levels
Resources Everyone (Public) Academic User Commercial User Academic Designated Contact
Product News Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Articles
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinars & Multimedia
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discussion Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
*Technical Articles
  Yes Yes Yes
*Webinars & Multimedia
  Yes Yes Yes
Known Issues   Yes Yes Yes
Product Updates   Yes Yes Yes
Service Requests     Yes Yes


* Articles not made available to the general public, but rather only available to users with current Maintenance agreement(s).


How do I know my access level?
From within SimCompanion, your access level appears within the "Access Level" portlet on the static right-hand menu as shown:


How do access levels get set?
The following flowchart describes how access levels are set:



How do I request a change to my access level?
You can request a change in your access level by visiting our Request Activation Web Page.
(Note that you will be asked to login if not currently logged in.)

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Posted Sep 13, 2011

although an new comer for MSC, i have been a fem analysis for 20 years, i wang to master nastran as soon as posibble. thank you. 

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Posted Jun 22, 2012

can you tell me how to change the level?  i  want to learn  something .i don not know how to fill the blank of WEB AGREEMENT

thank you.
Posted Sep 13, 2014

 thank you. 

nastran help
Posted Aug 19, 2013

 IN MSC NASTRAN how to restore the run when run got  killed due to human interference or power loss?

Posted Dec 14, 2014

Request Activation Web Page が開けません。

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can anyone help me how to input crack data in marc and how to use Insert  and rebar option in marc?????????

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Posted May 5, 2015

hi my friend can you help me how can download or how can open account for download thanks.

Posted Dec 24, 2015



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