Marc Example Problems

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Published date:    09/15/2014
Updated:    09/18/2014
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The table listed in this article describes several locations where you can find Marc examples.


Location Description
SimCompanion Example Models in SimCompanion
Marc product and documentation installation Demonstration Problems
Marc documentation installation User’s Guide Example Problems
Marc product installation DDM Examples
Marc product installation Repository of User subroutine files







Materials & Location


Example Models in SimCompanion

There are many individual example articles found in the “Examples” channel in SimCompanion.

You can access SimCompanion examples in 2 ways:

  1. Search and Filter:
    Search using keywords, then Filter results by Product (Marc) and Information Manager Channel (Examples)
  2. Browse:
    Click the Examples channel at the top of the page, and then filter by Product (Marc).


Demonstration Problems

Found in the main index of the Marc documentation:

Volume A: Theory and User Information

Volume  B: Element Library

Volume  C: Program Input

Volume  D: User Subroutines and Special Routines

Volume  E: Demonstration Problems

Volume E – Demonstration manual – Description of the problems are given in this manual. The Marc input decks are available under the Marc installation at the following folder:



User’s Guide Example Problems

Found in the various folders of your Marc document installation:


Marc_ug.pdf is the Marc User’s Guide Manual – Description of Problems and step by step instructions for pre and post processing in Mentat.

The procedure files and/or database files are available in directories with respective chapter number.

DDM Examples

Found in the Marc Installation

Examples on DDM can be found under the following folders:


Repository of User subroutine files


Volume D: User Subroutine and Special Routines Manual.

The user subroutines are available in the following folder: