Adams Example Problems

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Published date:    09/11/2014
Updated:    05/31/2017
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The table listed in this article describes several locations where you can find example Adams models.


Location Description
SimCompanion Example Models in SimCompanion
SimCompanion The Adams Examples Library
SimCompanion The Adams Verification Guide
Documentation The ‘Getting Started’ Product Guides
Product Installation Installation Examples
MSC Learning Center Adams Training in the MSC Learning Center
Adams Tutorial Kit Examples for Teaching with Adams







Materials & Location


The Adams Examples Library

There are many individual example articles found in the “Examples” channel in SimCompanion.


You can access SimCompanion examples in 2 ways:


  1. Search and Filter: Search using keywords, then Filter results by Product (Adams) and Information Manager Channel (Examples)
  1. Browse:Click the Examples channel at the top of the page, then filter by Product (Adams).

The ‘Getting Started’ Product Guides

Found in the main index of the Adams Help documentation:


Most of the Adams products have a ‘Getting Started’ guide which is located in the installed Documentation.

These guides detail a typical example problem and the steps required to model and simulate the system in Adams.

Navigate to the main Help documentation index from your Adams installation and look for the ‘Getting Started’ node shown at left.

Installation Examples

Found in the various folders of your Adams installation:

Many of the Adams products have, in the product installation location, an ‘examples’ folder.

Some of these example models are referenced in the Help documentation but many are not. Look for additional documentation files (in .txt format) that explain what the various examples are intended for. 

Open a File Explorer window on your computer and navigate to the installation location of Adams. Expand the various product names under the installation and look for ‘examples’ folders.

The Adams Examples Library

Found in the Examples section of SimCompanion:


More than 30 step-by-step example models with varying levels of difficulty that illustrate model building tasks of interest.

Each article contains example model files and a step-by-step tutorial for building the completed model.

The Adams Verification Guide

Found in the Adams Verification Guide article in SimCompanion:


A set of solved ‘textbook’ problems for kinematics & dynamics. Includes a problem description for each along with an example model.

Demonstration models for the categories of kinematics, dynamics, stability & control and vibration.

Adams Training in the MSC Learning Center

Found in the MSC Learning Center:


Training materials for all of the Adams products. Each training class contains detailed documentation of product usage and detailed example models with step-by-step instructions.