MD Nastran & MSC Nastran 2011 Dynamic Analysis User's Guide

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Published date:    05/09/2011
Updated:    07/11/2014
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The MD/MSC Nastran 2011 Dynamics User’s Guide is a guide to the proper use of MD/MSC Nastran for solving various dynamic analysis problems. This guide serves as both an introduction to dynamic analysis for the new user and a reference for the experienced user. The major emphasis focuses on understanding the physical processes in dynamics and properly applying MD/MSC Nastran to model dynamic processes while restricting mathematical derivations to a minimum.

Many of the different types of dynamic analysis capabilities available in MD/MSC Nastran are described in this guide. These common dynamic analysis capabilities include normal modes analysis, transient response analysis, frequency response analysis, and enforced motion. These capabilities are described and illustrative examples are presented. Theoretical derivations of the mathematics used in dynamic analysis are presented only as they pertain to the proper understanding of the use of each capability.

To effectively use this guide, it is important for you to be familiar with MD/MSC Nastran’s static analysis capability and the principles of dynamic analysis. Finite element modeling and analysis techniques are covered only as they pertain to MD/MSC Nastran dynamic analysis. For more information on static analysis and modeling, refer to the MD/MSC Nastran 2011 Linear Static Analysis User’s Guide and to the Getting Started with MD/MSC Nastran User’s Guide.

This guide is an update to the MSC.Nastran Basic Dynamics User’s Guide for Version 68 and MSC.Nastran Advanced Dynamics User's Guide for Version 69, which borrowed much material from the MSC.Nastran Handbook for Dynamic Analysis. The topics that were covered by both the Basic Dynamics User's Guide and the Advanced Dynamics User's Guide are now covered in this one Dynamic Analysis User's Guide and updated to the MD/MSC Nastran 2011 release.

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