Patran Product Documentation

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Patran Product Documentation

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  Version 2017 Version 2016 Version 2014.1 Version 2014 Version 2013
Release Guide DOC11323 DOC11007 DOC10753 DOC10697 DOC10482
Hardware & Software
See the Installation Guide Chapter 5, Page 69 See the Installation Guide Chapter 5, Page 70 See the Installation Guide Chapter 5, Page 77 See the Installation Guide Chapter 5, Page 77 See the Installation Guide Chapter 5, Page 77
Supported Versions of Integration Products See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 3 See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 6 See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 6 See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 6 See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 6
Set Up Guides (Installation, Licensing, & Configuration) DOC11324 DOC11006 DOC10754 DOC10696 DOC10483
User's Guides
Patran User's Guide DOC11325 DOC11005 DOC10755 DOC10695 DOC10484
Basic Functions DOC11326 DOC11004 DOC10756 DOC10694 DOC10485
Geometry Modeling DOC11327 DOC11003 DOC10757 DOC10693 DOC10486
Finite Element Modeling DOC11328 DOC11002 DOC10758 DOC10692 DOC10487
Functional Assignments DOC11329 DOC11001 DOC10759 DOC10691 DOC10488
Analysis Application DOC11330 DOC11000 DOC10760 DOC10690 DOC10489
Results Postprocessing DOC11331 DOC10999 DOC10761 DOC10689 DOC10490
XY Plotting DOC11332 DOC10998 DOC10762 DOC10688 DOC10491
Analysis Manager DOC11333 DOC10997 DOC10763 DOC10687 DOC10492
Materials DOC11334 DOC10996 DOC10764 DOC10686 DOC10493
Interface Guides
MSC Nastran Structural Analysis DOC11335 DOC10994 DOC10766 DOC10684 DOC10494
MSC Nastran Thermal Analysis DOC11338 DOC10993 DOC10767 DOC10683 DOC10496
MSC Nastran Implicit Nonlinear Analysis DOC11336 DOC10992 DOC10768    
Marc DOC11337 DOC10995 DOC10765 DOC10685 DOC10495
Patran Thermal/Hydraulic Analysis DOC11339 DOC10991 DOC10769 DOC10682 DOC10497
Patran Viewfactor Analysis DOC11340 DOC10990 DOC10770 DOC10681 DOC10498
Sinda DOC11341 DOC10989 DOC10771 DOC10680 DOC10499
Abaqus DOC11342 DOC10988 DOC10772 DOC10679 DOC10500
Ansys DOC11343 DOC10987 DOC10773 DOC10678 DOC10501
Dytran DOC11344 DOC10986 DOC10774 DOC10677 DOC10502
LS-DYNA DOC11345 DOC10985 DOC10775 DOC10676 DOC10503
Patran 2 Neutral File DOC11346 DOC10984 DOC10776 DOC10675 DOC10504
PAMCRASH DOC11347 DOC10983 DOC10777 DOC10674 DOC10505
SAMCEF DOC11348 DOC10982 DOC10778 DOC10673 DOC10506
PCL Reference Manuals
PCL and Customization DOC11349 DOC10981 DOC10779 DOC10672 DOC10507
PCL Reference Manual: Function Descriptions DOC11350 DOC10980 DOC10780 DOC10671 DOC10508
PCL Reference Manual: Code Examples DOC11351 DOC10979 DOC10781 DOC10670 DOC10509
Fatigue Guides
MSC Fatigue 2017 Theory Guide DOC11355 DOC10975 DOC10666 DOC10666 DOC10516
MSC Fatigue 2017 User's Guide DOC11356 DOC10976 DOC10667 DOC10667 DOC10665
MSC Fatigue 2016 Quick Start Guide DOC11357 DOC10977 DOC10668 DOC10668 DOC10664


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