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Student Edition Software

The Student Edition License Agreement is provided free to students to study engineering principals using computer simulation.   As per Student Edition License Agreement, MSC is under no obligation to provide Student Edition users with updates to the Software or personalized support via Phone /Email / Web. However, users may receive support through:

For Student Edition program escalations, please contact MSC Student Edition Program management

University Licensed Software (Paid User)

The paid-for University License Software is a full license acquired by a university to be utilized in labs and university research projects.  Students who are accessing MSC Software through a University License receive a higher level of support from MSC Software via:

If you are affiliated with a valid university customer of MSC Software, please contact MSC Technical Support and provide the following information so that we can activate your Account Profile with an appropriate access level.

  • First and Last Name:
  • Name of University:
  • Country:
  • Official University Email address (no gmail/hotmail etc.):
  • Phone:
  • Customer Entitlement ID (CEID) or Agreement #.
    (If you need assistance determining your Customer Entitlement ID (CEID), please refer to the Entitlement ID (CEID) Description and Access Instructions.)

Please be informed that if you are a licensed student user with valid MSC Entitlements, MSC support will request you to send your support question through one of the Designated Contacts (DC) from your university. MSC Support will provide you with Contact information of registered Designated Contacts.

If you are a student, professor or university researcher interested in a fully support license, please contact MSC at:


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