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(SimAcademy Webinar Archive) Academic: Using Adams in university courses & research involving Kinematics & Dynamics

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Published date:    10/02/2009
Updated:    10/16/2009
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1 hour

Presented By:

Jim Ryan, Sr. Manager, Global Academic Program


As part of MSC’s “University Motion & Systems Bundle” of software, Adams/View & Adams/Solver combine to provide a graphically-rich environment for modeling and simulating mechanical systems.  If you agree with the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then you will enjoy seeing things move on your computer according to the laws of physics – exactly as they will move in the real world, as physical prototypes.  By using Adams in your engineering work, you can benefit from ‘virtual prototyping for virtually anything that moves’.  And learning how to use Adams while in school will enable you to hit-the-ground-running when taking a job in industry (and may even help you get hired!).

This session of SimAcademy is designed to enable university course instructors and students to see how they can go beyond static CAD by visualizing how things move – and why.  We will start from the fundamentals of F=ma for simple one-dimensional (1-D) systems and progress to 3-D systems, highlighting how Adams provides insight into both kinematics and dynamics (kinetics).

During this session, you'll learn how to:

• To use Adams to measure accurate displacements, velocities, and accelerations of parts within systems, as well as the forces acting on those parts.

• To get started using Adams in an academic environment – such as where to find useful resources and how to access them.

• To use Adams to complement your use of CAD software (such as SolidWorks) or other technical computing software (such as MATLAB or Simulink).

• (if you are a teacher) To use Adams to improve your course instruction and the education of your students by coupling theory with compelling engineering applications.

• (if you are a student) To use Adams for your homework assignments, capstone projects, student competitions, or graduate-level research.

• (if you are a researcher) To use Adams in your graduate-level thesis and dissertation work or with projects done in collaboration with industry.

• To obtain assistance if you encounter any difficulties using Adams.

About the Presenter(s):

Jim Ryan is an engineer who has used Adams in many capacities since 1989 – for consulting, training, customer support, & technical marketing.  His real passion lies in enabling others to see what is possible with simulation software and then helping them to use it to successfully achieve their goals related to engineering and virtual prototyping.



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