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(What's New Webinar Archive) What’s New in SimDesigner R4 Release

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Published date:    10/02/2009
Updated:    08/22/2017
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30 minutes

Presented By:

Sunil Tahilramani, SimDesigner Product Marketing Manager


We are proud to announce the 2010 release of MSC SimDesigner R4, MSC.Software’s CAD-embedded multidiscipline simulation solution for CATIA V5. Please join this webinar to learn about the capabilities in the SimDesigner R4 release that are helping design engineers simulate more efficiently.

You'll Learn About:
  • Structures Workbench for Nonlinear, Linear, and Thermal FEA
  • Motion Workbench for Multibody dynamics
  • Gateways for Nastran, Marc and LS-Dyna integration
  • SimDesigner Suspension, template based analysis for suspension design
  • Benefits of CAD-embedded simulation to design process
Who Should Attend:
  • Existing SimDesigner Customers
  • Existing MSC Customers using Marc, Nastran, and Adams with CATIA V5 CAD platform
  • Engineers interested in CAD-embedded simulation within CATIA V5


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