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Status:    Published
Published date:    04/23/2015
Updated:    06/29/2015
Reported In:   MSC Nastran

Abstract (Question)


  •     Haswell chips with AVX2 may perform about 10% faster than Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge of the same clock speed ( implemented MSC Nastran 2014.0 ).
  •     Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge may perform about 10% faster than Westmere chips of the same clock speed ( implemented MSC Nastran 2011 ).
  •     Hyperthreading may reduce MSC Nastran performance. Please turn it off in the BIOS.
  •     Some BIOS settings turn down clock settings for minimizing energy use. For maximum performance you may want to adjust this setting.

Description (Answer)


Below art charts comparing non AVX with AVX and AVX with AVX2 for various models.

avx and avx2 help with systems of the same clock speed. There may be other issues to consider ( clock speed, number of CPUs, SOL typd ).


You may determine the number of CPUs, number of Sockets, clock speed and if you have AVX with the "mscsystem" command:

Prompt <100> $MSC_BASE/bin/msc20141 mscsystem
 OS:      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.1 (Santiago)
 Model:   Genuine Intel(R) CPU  @ 2.60GHz
 Nsocket: 2
 Ncore:   16  ( 2 X 8 )
 Cache:   20480 KB
 Special: avx
 Ram:     129018 Mb     Free: 125333 Mb
 load average ( 15 minute ): 0.030000


  • There are many factors affecting performance. CPU type and speed are only two factors.


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