Product Updates

SimManager Enterprise (Open Edition) R3.1.1c Patch 2 release

Product Updates ID:    PUD9388
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/20/2011
Updated:    05/20/2011
Reported In:   SimManager (R3.1) - SimManager Enterprise


The SimManager Enterprise (Open Edition) R3.1.1c Patch 2 release is now available on the SDC site.  This patch fixes issue posted to JIRA labeled SIMMGR-22986:  SimProcess "ActionSequence" owner. 

Please Note: this is a patch and not a full release nor a fix pack release. This patch needs to be manually deployed.  Instructions for installation are included in the package. This patch will ONLY work with R3.1.1C Patch 1 release, the most current version of SimManager R3.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are provided in the Readme file posted with the release.

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