MSC Nastran 2012 Release Highlights

News ID    PN67
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/09/2011
Updated:    07/10/2014
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MSC Software is pleased to announce the release of MSC Nastran 2012. This powerful release consolidates MSC Nastran and MD Nastran into a single solution for MD and MSC Nastran customers, providing a simplified product offering with MSC Nastran solution platform.
As part of the consolidation, MSC Nastran users gain access to the capabilities of linear contact, local mesh refinement and linear composite beams. Users with access to Dynamics license can now benefit from Frequency Response Function (FRF) capabilities. In addition, users also get access to the optional add-on capabilities, which until now have been available only under MD Nastran solution.
For more details, please review the Release Guide. You can also get an overview of the new capabilities by listening to the Release Highlights webcast.
Some of the key enhancements in this release include:
·         Improved time stepping for nonlinear transient dynamics
·         Explicit analysis
o   DMP for applications with adaptive euler
o   DMP improvements for FSI
o   DMP support for importing eulerian ARC output files for Restart
o   Coupled thermal-mechanical simulation
o   New material models for wood and ice
o   Regional acceleration loads
o   Output of Genoa failure indices for composites
·         Reduced wall time with ACMS using parallel processing
·         Improved performance for nonsymmetric systems encountered in brake squeal, exterior acoustics and rotor dynamics
·         Improved accuracy in complex eigenvalue extraction
·         Better utilization of Intel Sandy Bridge technology
·         Improved performance for coupled acoustic analysis
·         Efficient participation factor calculations
·         Support of Nidia GPGPU hardware
Other Capability Improvements
·         Ease of use in performing linear contact simulations
·         Frequency dependent analysis of trim material utilizing Actran
·         Data recovery of complex dynamic quantities at the composite ply level
·         Aeroelasticity
o   Ease of use for spline blending
o   Alternative trim definition
We value as a customer and are confident that you will be please with the new capabilities and the value that they provide for your simulation needs.
MSC Nastran Product Team