What's New: SimXpert 2011

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Published date:    05/16/2011
Updated:    07/10/2014
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We are pleased to announce SimXpert 2011!


SimXpert is the next generation CAE application for modeling and analysis provides engineers across different industries an efficient “end-to-end” solution that takes you from CAD to analysis report in a single easy-to-use application. SimXpert 2011 delivers several new functionalities and improvements in the areas of quality, usability, CAD clean up tools, meshing and performance improvements and comprehensive multidiscipline simulation support.

For more information about new features in SimXpert 2011, listen to the On-Demand webinar at

Please refer to the Release Guide for detailed review of functionality in this release.


All New CAD Defeaturing Tools

·      Parasolid based clean tools help rapid defeaturing of CAD geometry for meshing purposes
·      Identify or delete holes, fillets, chamfers, protrusions etc. with a click of a button
·      Move/offset holes and surfaces as desired
·      Defeaturing with currently available virtual topology tools greatly enhance the CAD cleanup capabilities


 Updated CAD Support

·      With SimXpert 2011, Parasolid support has been added for three new CAD platforms – Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and UG NX

·      Native CAD support has been updated to support - CATIA V5 R20, UG NX 7.0, Pro/E Wildfire 5.0

·      Import of geometry from your favorite CAD solution along with CAD defeauturing reduced time to prepare mesh ready geometry


New Distene Mesher

·      New Distene Mesher enhances TET meshing robustness. The built-in logic iteratively converges the solution thereby providing better quality TET mesh


Usability & Performance Improvements

·      New Model Browser has been integrated with this release. Model navigation, show/hide, check box for part display on/off, synchronous highlighting between model browser and graphics port, sub-assembly management, are a few noteworthy improvements

·      Average improvements of 15-25% (upto 80% in some cases) in Nastran BDF I/O, CAD Import, and graphics performance allow for faster model loading and manipulation and reduce overall modeling time


Multidiscipline Support & Templates

·      SimXpert 2011 continues to provide the most comprehensive support for MD Nastran SOL 400 including the latest contact enhancements to support thermal contact, coupled thermal-mechanical analysis capabilities, bolt-modeling and user-defined services

·      Systems & Controls (S&C) Workspace was introduced in SimXpert 2010 and supports the full capability set of Easy5 to model, simulate and design electrical, thermal, hydraulic, gas dynamics, digital/analog control systems and much more. With SimXpert 2011, enhancements to S&C workspace include improved access to commonly used run-time settings, spreadhseet tab to set, navigate, and filter all model data centrally & HTML-browser enabled model/data export

·      SimXpert is the premiere CAE Customization Environment. With the graphical template builder workspace, re-usable actions and open-source python scripting, SimXpert customization takes significantly less effort and improves productivity across the enterprise


SimXpert 2011 enhancements are designed to enhance user productivity while providing a user friendly environment. Please review the Release Guide and documentation for more details on this release.


Thank you very much for your continued support of SimXpert!

The MSC.Software Product Team