What's New: Adams 2011

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Status:    Published
Published date:    04/15/2011
Updated:    07/10/2014
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We are pleased to announce Adams 2011!

With Adams 2011, the market leading multi-body dynamics (MBD) solution, engineers across different industries benefit from recent innovations and major performance improvements that improve productivity and speed up solution time by as much as 95% compared to the previous release reducing overall turnaround time and help expedite the product development process.


Adams is the world’s most widely used and trusted solutions for real dynamics of engineered systems. Improving upon this best-in-category foundation, this new release of Adams 2011 delivers vital functionality including CAD Interoperability that eliminates the need to pass CAD geometry through neutral formats and geometry-to-geometry clearance that can be detected during runtime.


Adams/Car users benefit from improvements in usability as well as 3rd party support enhancements. Road and path visualization makes it easier to inspect both the road and path during preprocessing and animation objects (trees, buildings, moving traffic) not only improve the aesthetics but serve as a powerful tool in vehicle performance evaluations. The 2011 release supports FTire 2010-4 and input parameters are exposed enabling DOE using these parameters.


For more information on the new features in Adams 2011, please listen to the On-Demand webcast at:

For a quick overview of the key features please download the Adams 2011 Product Brief. Please refer to the Release Guide for detailed review of functionality in this release.

Important improvements in the new release of Adams include:

  • CAD Interoperability
  • Update SimManager Client Interface
  • Run-time clearance
  • Modal Force (MFORCE) Visualization
  • Adams/Car Improvements
    • Event Road and Path Visualization
    • Road Offsets
    • 3D Spline Road Improvements
    •  FTire Support Enhancements
    •  Tilt Table Analysis
    •  Animation Objects
  • 3rd party support updates
    •  FTire 2010-4
    •  MATLAB R2010b
    •  OpenCRG 1.02


Thank you for your continued support of Adams!