What's New: Marc 2010

News ID    PN46
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/13/2010
Updated:    07/10/2014
Reported In:   Marc & Mentat (2010) - Marc & Mentat Docs



Marc 2010 offers enhancements in both performance and new capabilities. With the introduction of new parallel solvers, users can now take advantages of the commonly available multi-core systems without additional hardware and software investments by the user. Multiphysics capabilities have also been enhanced to solve new types of problems and improve ease of use.

For more information on the new features in Marc 2010, please listen to the On-Demand webcast at
For a quick overview of the key features, please download the Marc 2010 Product Brief. Please refer to the Release Guide for detailed review of functionality in this release.
Major areas of focus for this release include the following:
·         New solver PARDISO introduced for SMP systems and is available for Windows and Linux systems.
·         MUMPS solver that supports SMP and DMP introduced (Windows and Linux)
·         Multifrontal solver enhanced to support SMP architecture as well
Solver Enhancements & New Capabilities
·         Contact Enhancements
o   Segment to segment contact
o   Contact can also be included in magnetostatic simulations for handling edge effects for magnetic fields.
·         Multiphysics
o   Magnetostatics Two new coupling capabilities are now supported: magnetostatic-structural and magnetostatic-thermal.
o   Electromagnetics New inputs and outputs are supported in an electromagnetic analysis. The new release also supports modeling of electrical windings used to excite a magnetic circuit.
o   Multiphysics Input The input of material data and the convergence control data has been modified for multiphysics analyses providing greater flexibility.
·         Material Models
o   Granular Material Model A new exponential cap model based on Sandia Geomodel and generalized plasticity model has been added for model granular materials such as powder material.
o   Elastomers Materials Expansion An expanded complete 5th order Mooney material model is introduced in this release of Marc 2010.
·         Wear and Failure
o   Wear Improved wear model implemented
o   UWEARINDEX User subroutine to compute wear index
o   Cohesive Zone Delamination New 2D and 3D heat transfer interface elements are added to help you model influence of thermal response on delamination.
o   Fracture Mechanics Enhancements User subroutine capability for delamination and break glue.
·         Solver Support GUI support for newly introduced Marc capabilities
·         Path and History Plots The plots need to be tied to existing nodes. They can be created along arbitrary curves and arbitrary points
·         Particle tracking Visualize the path a material particle takes during the analysis.
·         Numerous issues identified in the earlier releases have been addressed
Thank you for your continued support of Marc!