What's New: Easy5 2010

News ID    PN41
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/30/2010
Updated:    07/10/2014
Reported In:   Easy5 (2010 (8.2.0)) - EASY5


MSC.Software announces that Easy5 2010 is released and ready for download.  This release of Easy5 delivers significant user benefits including:

·         Enriched Application Libraries

·         Usability and Productivity Enhancements

·         Performance Improvements

·         Integration with Multi-body Simulations

Enriched Application Libraries Expand Modeling Capabilities

The Thermal Hydraulics, Gas Dynamics, Multi-phase Fluid, and General Purpose libraries in Easy5 have been updated and enriched with new components, new demo models, new configurations, and improved documentation support. These enhancements provide engineers with expanded modeling capabilities, increased model sophistication, and faster model construction.   


Additions to the Thermal Hydraulic library allow users to work with higher fidelity models across a broader range of applications.  The Gas Dynamics library provides new components for modeling aerospace, automotive, and pneumatics applications. Engineers in all these industries will benefit from these enhancements. The Multi-phase fluid library allows users to now specify and model different fluids within the same model. New components in this library also allow engineers to model more complex systems with multiple fluids. The General Purpose library gives users more flexibility in modeling with a new asynchronous sample and hold component and a new rolling average component.

Usability and Productivity Improvements Make Model Setup Easier

Users will be pleased to see improvements in the Interactive Simulation capabilities, which now offer greatly improved model information at runtime, making simulation results more understandable.  Users can also quickly update model data directly from CSV files greatly speeding up the ability to perform design iterations with a given model.

Performance Improvements Run Larger Models

Improved code generation in this release allows users to work with larger models. The model code was broken into two files which reduces memory overhead.  Engineers can now work with models that are 25% larger. Easy5 is available on 64-bit Linux so users can take advantage of faster hardware technology. Additionally, analysis startup times have been reduced by as much as 45% over v2008 for larger models giving users an immediate boost in productivity.

Integration with Multi-body Simulations Optimize Systems Performance

This release of Easy5 provides integration with the latest releases of Adams and MD Adams 2010. Multi-body dynamics engineers can integrate controls systems into their mechanical systems simulations to optimize systems performance. This provides systems engineers with a high-fidelity representation of the mechanical components being controlled.



For more information about new features in Easy5 2010, view to the On-Demand webinar at


For a quick overview of the key features please download the Easy5 2010 Product Brief. Please refer to the Release Notes for detailed review of functionality in this release.


Thank you very much for your continued support of Easy5.