What's New: MD Adams 2010

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Status:    Published
Published date:    07/30/2010
Updated:    07/10/2014
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 With MD Adams 2010, engineers across different industries benefit from major performance improvements in both modeling and analysis that make it practical for customers to solve larger and more realistic multidiscipline models of mechanical systems.

MD Adams  and MSC Adams are the world’s most widely used and trusted solutions for real dynamics of engineered systems in automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, wind energy, packaged goods, and many other industries.  Improving upon this best-in-category foundation, MSC.Software has further implemented a modernized C++ solver, improved memory utilization, and enhanced integration with finite element analysis (FEA).  These enhancements have proven to deliver speed improvements of up to 95% reading results from large models, and as much as a 53% improvement in CPU performance in running analysis on these same models.  Solving real multidiscipline problems using flexible bodies from FEA has shown to deliver an astonishing 700% speedup in some cases relative to our  previous release.

For more information about new features in MD Adams 2010, view to the On-Demand webinar at

For a quick overview of the key features please download the MD  Adams 2010 Product Brief. Please refer to the Release Guide for detailed review of functionality in this release.  

Other important improvements in the new release of MD Adams include:

·         Adams/Car plugin module for modeling & analysis of trucks

·         Adams/Car tools to easily define model parameters from test data for tires and isolators

·         Embedded Simulink S-Function controls models via an External System Library

·         Export of Adams models to Nastran FEA from dynamic operating points

·         Postprocessing automation support for improved user efficiency

·         Support for Shell Elements in Flexible Body Contact

·         Native contact detection for cylinders, ellipsoids, and boxes

Thank you very much for your continued support of MD Adams.