What's New: MD Nastran 2010

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Published date:    07/30/2010
Updated:    07/10/2014
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What's New: MD Nastran 2010

With MD Nastran 2010, engineers across different industries can rely on MD Nastran for problems they couldn’t before – such as advanced nonlinear analysis, bi-directional thermo-mechanical coupling and expanded physics simulations including co-simulation with CFD codes, with ground-breaking solver performance improvements. MD Nastran 2010 also offers many enhancements to our linear solutions in the areas of durability and NVH, aeroelasticity and optimization including multi-model optimization.

MD Nastran enables and encourages analysts to expand beyond the traditional isolated discipline analysis to simulate more real world multidisciplinary behaviors with a single solver.

For more information about new features in MD Nastran 2010, listen to the On-Demand webinar at

For a quick overview of the key features please download the MD  Nastran 2010
Product Brief. Please refer to the Release Guide
for detailed review of functionality in this release. 

Major areas of focus and key features for the MD Nastran 2010 release include the following:

Nonlinear (SOL400) Completeness and Robustness Enhancements
•    Large displacement fluid structural interaction via OpenFSITM
•    Thermal-Mechanical bi-directional coupling
•    Automated thermal-mechanical temperature mesh mapping
•    Robust convergence algorithms
•    Extensions to perturbation and chaining analysis
•    Automated bolt modeling
•    Mechanical contact enhancements
•    Thermal contact
•    Contact rigid body growth
•    Support for beam and shell offsets
•    Incompressible 2D triangular and 3D tetrahedral elements
•    Temperature distribution through the thickness of shells
•    Support for user defined subroutines
•    Advanced thermal features with RC network thermal solver
•    Performance improvement with support for iterative solver and support for SMP & DMP capabilities

Durability and NVH Analysis
•    Enhanced output for connector elements
•    Frequency Dependent Rigid Absorbers
•    Support for Test Based FRF functions in Frequency Based Assembly analysis
•    Support for high frequency acoustics using energy methods (pre-release)


•    Multi-Model Optimization
•    Support for Part Superelements
•    Monitor point responses
•    Support for Parallel sensitivities
•    Enhancements to table input
•    Enhancements to Topology and Topometry

Implicit Nonlinear (SOL600) Enhancements 

•    Improved Computational Efficiency Using New Parallel Solvers
•    Improved friction definition and rigid surface behavior
•    Improved super element – DMIG support
•    Improved dynamic integration scheme
•    Automatic conversion of CHEXA, CPENTA to Solid Shell
•    User subroutines for contact and materials
•    Continuous-stress contact enhancement
•    Arbitrary cross section and numerically integrated beams
Explicit Nonlinear (SOL700) Enhancements 
•    DMP support of Multi-Material Euler for FSI applications
•    Advanced Composites based on AlphaStar Genoa technology for shells, solids and honeycombs
•    New shrink tight fit contact feature
•    New material models
•    Variable plasticity damage model
•    Support of LSTC new generation  occupant dummy models


Thank you very much for your continued support of MD Nastran.