What’s New in MaterialCenter Databanks 2021.1

News ID    PN283
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/11/2021
Updated:    08/17/2021
Created with Version:   MaterialCenter (2021.1) (Material Databanks)
  MaterialCenter (Material Databanks)


With this databanks release MSC is adding NCAMP’s Ultem 9085 test data within MaterialCenter and making updates to the structure of MMPDS data. 

  • NCAMP, the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance is a databank build in collaboration with the FAA and industry partners to qualify material systems. Manufacturers access certified material data and reduce cost without having to qualify the materials and suppliers. Material suppliers work directly with NCAMP to qualify material systems and generate allowables, certified by the FAA. The Ultem 9085 dataset includes the following:
  • 2475 Test Records across the test methods outlined as follows:
  • Compression D695
  • FHC D6742
  • FHT D6742
  • Flex D790
  • IZOD D256
  • OHC D6484
  • OHT D5766
  • SSB D5961
  • Tensile D638
  • V-Notch D5379
  • The tests also cover the following conditions: CTD, ETD, ETW, RTD, RTW.
  • Load Direction- Printing Plane: X-XY, Y-XZ, Z-ZX, Z45 - ZX-45
  • MMPDS updates: With this release, several updates were made to propagate data from generic material records to the more specific dimension-based records. This copy was made while accounting for explicit notes guiding certain areas of usage for the curves. 

For details, refer to the User's Guide.