What’s New in MSC CoSim 2021

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Status:    Published
Published date:    08/06/2021
Updated:    08/06/2021
Reported In:   CoSim
Created with Version:   CoSim (2021)



About MSC CoSim 2021

Software Cradle, part of Hexagon, is proud to announce the availability of MSC CoSim 2021 as an application strongly supporting multiphysics solutions to enhance your productivity and aid smart manufacturing. It enables coupling between two or more Hexagons CAE solutions: Adams-Marc, Adams-scFLOW, Adams-scSTREAM, Marc-scFLOW, MSC Nastran-scFLOW, and Adams-Marc-scFLOW. Allowing you to simulate complex real phenomena such as flow through a reed valve or the aeroelastic behaviour of an aircraft wing.

Release Highlights in MSC CoSim 2021

  • New graphical user interface tools with usability
  • CoSim Pre: Basic and Pluse

From MSC CoSim 2021, the software has two user interfaces. The existing user interface to set up co-simulation is now CoSim Pre Basic. In addition, a new enhanced user interface CoSim Pre Plus is also available to aid you graphically through the setup process. The CoSim Pre Plus displays the analysis models, in the form of geometry or mesh, of each solver simultaneously, enabling you to check the coupling surface and point location. Lastly, CoSim Pre Plus also exports and ready executable co-simulation package used by the CoSim Launcher to simplify HPC systems deployment.

  • CoSim Launcher

The CoSim Launcher is a utility that helps you execute single or multiple co-simulation jobs locally, remotely or on HPC systems. The launcher uses a package, CMB archive, created by the CoSim Pre Plus that includes all the information needed to run all linked solvers. The launcher also displays status graphs for the scFLOW and scSTREAM solvers and each output file of MSC CoSim, MSC Nastran, Marc, and Adams, which allow you to review the co-simulation status during the execution.

  • Adams-scSTREAM Coupling

The new version introduces co-simulation between Adams and scSTREAM, allowing the coupling of multibody dynamics and structured cartesian CFD. This new co-simulation provides you with effective co-simulation of thermal flow even though large-scale environments, including objects with complex motions, for example, during simulation of moving parts during manufacturing processes.

  • Unit conversion inside CoSim Engine 

CoSim engine now supports unit conversion, so each application in the co-simulations can use a separate set of units removing the need for manual unit conversion. For Marc and MSC Nastran, that doesn’t use explicit units, but the user can define the units of the model in CoSim Pre to connect it to scFLOW, scSTREAM or Adams.

  • Morphing with Rigid Rotating Motion for scFLOW-MSC Nastran and scFLOW-Marc

The introduction of rigid rotation motion in scFLOW 2021.1 facilitates co-simulation with large rotational movements such as brake discs and turbine blades in MSC CoSim 2021. scFLOW localises the consideration of large displacements induced by the FE mesh on the CFD cells to the moving components, avoiding unnecessary collapse cells, thus increasing co-simulation stability.

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