What's New in MSC Apex 2021.2

News ID    PN278
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/21/2021
Updated:    07/26/2021
Reported In:   MSC Apex
Created with Version:   MSC Apex (2021.2)



MSC Software is proud to announce the availability of MSC Apex 2021.2. This is the second release this year, and if you missed the March release of MSC Apex 2021.1 please see SimCompanion for release highlights.

MSC Apex 2021.2 Release Highlights

Some main highlights of this MSC Apex 2021.2 release include the following:

  • Arbitrary Groups of Objects

New ability to create groups of geometry bodies, nodes and elements in both pre and post processing.

  • Identify Free Edges with Markers

Easily identify the troublesome free edges during your geometry cleanup and repair operations.

  • Analysis Coordinate Systems on Nodes

Ability to create analysis coordinate systems on nodes, which allows for custom fastener types such as Huth & Rutman.

  • Free Body Diagrams

Internal forces and moments can now be quantified and visualized in post-processing.

  • Traction Load, Total Load, and Lug Load

New Load distribution capabilities are now available.

  • Composite Ply Packs

Ability to create multiple plies in a single operation, thus decreasing the time and effort it takes to build a composite FEA model.


Quick References

  • MSC Apex 2021.2 Release Overview Presentation
  • Documentation
    • MSC Apex 2021.2 Release Guide
    • MSC Apex 2021.2 Installation Guide
  • Download MSC Apex 2021.2 from the  Software Download Center.
  • For support in leveraging the latest updates, please see SimCompanion or contact your support representative.