What's New in VTD 2021.2

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Status:    Published
Published date:    07/14/2021
Updated:    07/14/2021
Reported In:   Virtual Test Drive
Created with Version:   Virtual Test Drive (2021.2)



About VTD 2021.2 Release

The latest release of VTD 2021.2 further improves the ASAM OpenSCENARIO support and provides enhancements in the rendering performance. In addition, we deliver a new environment database.

Note: With a continued focus on enabling simulation-based insight for ADAS/Autonomous, VTD has moved to a quarterly release cadence. As a result, customers can now benefit from more frequent updates throughout the year.

VTD 2021.2 Release Highlights:

Some of the major highlights include:

  • Improvements for OpenSCENARIO: OpenSCENARIO defines the file format for the description of dynamic content for simulation. It describes complex, synchronized maneuvers that involve multiple entities like vehicles, pedestrians, and other traffic participants. This important improvement includes:
    • ActionLaneOffset: step change and continuous only
    • ManeuverGroup/Actors: more than one EntityRef supported       
    • Default controller: vehicles don't have to have ObjectController defined anymore       
    • Runtime/EnvironmentAction: environment can be referenced by using catalogReference       
    • Parameter definition with and without $

  • VtdApi
    • Removed deprecation warnings during building VtdApi Samples  
    • Improved logging   
    • Option to change sender/receiver names when sending SCP command  
    • Added direct bufferless mode for network handling with an example (ExampleDirectModeCallback) 
    • Set no_delay as default for TCP sockets


  • Enhanced Rendering Performance
    • Vehicle Creation Time reduced to ~1 ms
    • Reducing initialization time and additional runtime improvements

  • Crossing8Demo with City Environment
    • New Crossing8Demo OpenDRIVE file
    • Additional City environment available

Quick References

  • Release Note
  • VTD 2021.1 is not currently available in the software download center; for downloading, please get in touch with
  • For support in leveraging the latest updates, please see SimCompanion or contact your support representative