What’s New in Marc 2021.2

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Status:    Published
Published date:    06/25/2021
Updated:    06/25/2021
Created with Version:   Marc & Mentat (2021.2)




MSC Software is proud to announce the availability of Marc 2021.2. Marc has moved to a quarterly release cadence so customers can benefit from more frequent updates throughout the year. This is the second release this year, and if you missed the March release of Marc 2021.1 please see SimCompanion for release highlights.

Marc 2021.2 Release Highlights

Some main highlights of this Marc 2021.2 release include the following:

  • Fatigue: Accurate fatigue life prediction is essential for the design and engineering market. In addition to the elastomeric fatigue capabilities that are already available,  stress-life and strain-life fatigue capabilities  are  now embedded in Marc making it easy for Marc-Mentat users to extend their finite element analysis to include time-based fatigue for metals and plastics. The following image shows Marc Embedded Fatigue used to predict the life of an Automotive sway arm, 3,000,000 cycles prior to a high cycle fatigue failure and crack in the bolt.

With an appropriate fatigue license, one can incorporate the effects of nonlinear materials, loading and contact modeling to perform accurate and performant nonlinear fatigue analysis directly in Mentat. Tight interoperability allows the Marc solver to process the stresses directly with the CAEfatigue solver and then display fatigue results like Damage and Life in Mentat.   This release makes Marc users more productive as large fatigue analysis no longer burdens their time and computing resources with file transfers.

  • Shape Memory Alloys: Marc, being well known for complex material research and development, has extended support for modeling shape memory alloys to include beam and truss elements. The following image shows a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) stent returning to its original shape after deformation.

Shape memory alloys (SMA) are materials that “remember” their original shape and can go back to this original shape after deformation under a stimulus, they are used in applications from Aeronautic couplings to Medical stents.  For example, a SMA stent is manufactured with a larger diameter than the destination artery. Then leveraging the Hysteresis of the SMA, it automatically reshapes during surgical placement to fit the arterial diameter.

Marc’s SMA material model allows for the modeling of both pseudo-elastic effects induced by stresses as well as shape memory effects induced by thermal loads. During simulation Marc tracks and incorporates phase changes of the SMA between austenite and martensite to accurately represent the physical behavior.

With SMA material, now supporting hexahedral, beam and truss elements Marc users can now leverage the best element types for their geometries when modeling SMA. 

  • Contact: Marc is used heavily by OEM suppliers across many industries for complex gasket and seal design due to its ability to accurately model the nonlinear deformation of polymers and elastomers.  A Hybrid Contact algorithm has been introduced in this release which more accurately resolves contact at sharp corners, areas of remeshing, and self-contact.  The algorithm extends the node to segment (NTS) contact detection method and is supported for planar and axisymmetric models.  The improved algorithm enables the Marc user to more accurately model complex contact and sealing scenarios without additional user monitoring or input to the simulation.

                  Smoother Contact for Tight Seals with the new Hybrid Method

  • High Performance Computing: Beyond complex nonlinear analysis, the Marc development team continues to invest in High Performance Computing to deliver the most efficient FEA solver. Upgrading to this release will speed up simulations using the MUMPs solver ~1.7+x faster without any additional effort. This speed-up is due to an upgrade in the MUMPs version, optimizing the reordering algorithm and using advanced optimizing settings to improve the factorization speed.


Quick References

  • For support in leveraging the latest updates, please see SimCompanion or contact your support representative.