What's New in MSC Nastran 2021.1

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Status:    Published
Published date:    03/18/2021
Updated:    03/24/2021
Reported In:   MSC Nastran
Created with Version:   MSC Nastran (2021.1)


MSC Software is proud to announce the availability of MSC Nastran 2021.1.

Note: With a continued focus on best-in-class solvers and unified workflows, MSC Nastran has moved to a quarterly release cadence so customers can benefit from more frequent updates throughout the year.

Release Highlights

Some main highlights of the MSC Nastran 2021.1 include:

  • High Performance Computing 

Introduced further performance tuning for Linear Statics (SOL 101) of high DOF models using the MUMPs solver.

  • Fatigue
The CAEfatigue time domain solver is now integrated into standard Stress-Life (SN) and Strain-Life (eN) including fatigue analysis of spot welds. Performance and scalability gains for fatigue analyses from linear statics (SOL 101), normal modes (SOL 103), and transient analysis (SOL 112). Improvements are most notable for large models subject to complicated duty cycle loading with  multiple events.
  • Dynamics

Real Coupled Modes has been extended to support the modeling of exterior acoustics of the vibration of heavy fluids (Air-Solid-Fluid Coupling). 

  • Nonlinear Contact (SOL 400) 

Faster contact analysis with accelerated separation checks reduces simulation times by detecting contact earlier in the process. 

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