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Patran 2010.2 Student Edition Licensing Problem

Tech Articles ID:    KB8019822
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/20/2011
Updated:    10/30/2012
Reported In:   Patran

Abstract (Question)

Why am I getting a license error when running MD Patran 2010.2 Student Edition?

You have requested to run MSC.Patran on a Windows <Hostname>(MacAddress)(OS Info). There are no version 2011.0201 licenses installed to satisfy this request. License File: port@host Please request your systems administrator to review the installation procedures for MSC.Software products on your system and/or contact your Support Representative for further assistance.

Description (Answer)

MD Patran 2010.2. Student Edition requires no licenses. A user, however, will get this error message if there is an existing MSC_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE variable that is set to anything except "EDU" on their machine.

The workaround is to either change the MSC_LICENSE_FILE variable value to "EDU" or edit the $P3_HOME\ file:

1) Open the file: C:\MSC.Software\MD_Nastran_Student_Edition\20102\Patran\ with "notepad"

2) Change the following line from:




setEnv('MSC_LICENSE_FILE','EDU', 'OverWrite');


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Still problem with license
Posted 349 days ago
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I change in as your suggest but still can not open the program.

Could you please suggest another way?

still problem with license
Posted 349 days ago
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further information,

after change to (,'OverWrite') then open the program

the message does not appear,

the program seem to able to start, but then it suddenly close, without any kind of message to read..

Thank for your help.



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