Demo video of model building and analysis using EASY5

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Published date:    03/07/2016
Updated:    03/07/2016
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The attached video demonstrates how to construct a simple model of a single degree of freedom mass spring damper model in EASY5 and enter the parameters. Then the procedure for setting up and running a transient analysis is shown along with how to plot some resulting quantities.


This video is intended as a brief overview of the following basic mechanics of EASY5:

  • model construction
  • model parameterization
  • analysis setup
  • analysis execution
  • examination of results

This video is not meant as a detailed tutorial nor as a complete guide as to the time or effort required to construct real world models. It is only provided as a general overview of the process of model building and analysis in EASY5 for those not familiar with the software. It is not intended as a replacement for a detailed training course or the software manuals.

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