Easy5 Example Problems

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Published date:    09/11/2014
Updated:    10/20/2014
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The table listed in this article describes several locations where you can find example EASY5 models.


Materials & Location


The ‘Quick Start Tutorial’ in the EASY5 Guide

Found in the General Documentation of the EASY5 Guide


EASY5 has a “Quick Start Tutorial” which is located in the EASY5 Guide under General Documentation.

This tutorial shows a typical example problem and the steps required to model and simulate the system in EASY5.

The EASY5 Guide can also be accessed from the Windows Start Menu button by navigating to All Programs > MSC.Software > EASY5 > Help > EASY5 Guide.

You can also access the General Documentation section directly. To do this, navigate to the main Help menu from your EASY5 main window and then click on ‘General Documentation’

The ‘Getting Started’ Product Guides

Can be installed from the main EASY5 Help menu:



EASY5 has many Demo Models that can be installed from the main Help menu.


The Demo Models are divided into categories by application library and each library can be installed separately.


The resulting models are then organized into subdirectories according to library then by application

SimAcademy Webinars on SimCompanion


The SimAcademy Webinar Series located within SimCompanion contains several webinars that are EASY5 related.


Each webinar contains one or more example models and usually contains an in-depth description of each model as well.


An archived list of all SimAcademy Webinars is available here.