MSC Nastran 2012 Release Guide

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Status:    Published
Published date:    11/23/2011
Updated:    07/11/2014
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The MSC Nastran 2012 Release Guide. Descriptions of the new and updated features including:

  • Smart Linear Contact Defaults (SOL 101)
  • Nonlinear Convergence Robustness – Smart Default and Adaptive Time Stepping Adjustment
  • Segment-to-Segment Contact Improvements
  • Explicit Nonlinear (SOL 700)
  • DMP for FSI Applications with Adaptive Euler
  • DMP Improvements for Coupling and Editing
  • DMP Support for importing Eulerian ARC output files for restart
  • Thermal Capability
  • New Material Models (Wood and Ice)
  • Euler Body Force
  • New LS-Dyna libraries
  • ACMS
  • Performance Improvements for Unsymmetric Solutions
  • New Complex Eigenvalue Extraction Method: IRAM
  • GPU Support
  • Intel AVX Support
  • Data Recovery of Dynamic Responses at Ply Level in Composites
  • Design of Control Surfaces
  • Improvements in Spline Blending
  • Alternate Trim Definition
  • Weakly Coupled Acoustics
  • Efficient Participation Factor Analysis with ACMS and DMP
  • Frequency Dependent Analysis with ACTRAN Trimmed Material and/or Acoustic Pressure Load
  • Matrices
  • Panel Participation Factor Analysis for Structure Response
  • Product Unification

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