Dytran 2010 Release Guide

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Published date:    11/29/2010
Updated:    07/11/2014
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Dytran™ 2010 is the latest and most comprehensive version of Dytran released by MSC.Software, bringing new simulation technology and improved performance.
Dytran 2010 is available on UNIX (HP-UX PA- RISC 2.0, HP-UX Itanium2), IBM RS/6000 (Power 4), SGI R10K/R12K, Sun SPARC Solaris, Solaris X64, Linux Itanium2 (Red Hat 4, Update 5), Linux Itanium2 SGI Altix (SGI ProPack4 SP0), Linux X8664 (Red Hat 4, Update 5), Linux 32 (Red Hat 4, Update 5), Windows 32 bit (XP, SP2) and Windows 64 bit (XP 64, SP2) platforms. Please see System Information in Chapter 3 of the Dytran 2010 Release Guide for more details. Dytran 2010 includes the advanced Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP) capability for Euler and Coupling resulting in dramatic performance improvement for CPU intensive fluid-structure interaction (FSI) applications. The DMP capability includes:

  • Single and Multi-Material Hydro Euler
  • ROE Solver
  • Failed elements in coupling surface
  • Graded Mesh
  • Biased meshing
  • Coupling surface output and markers
  • Geometric boundary conditions
  • Viscosity

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