MSC Nastran 2010 User Defined Services

Docs ID    DOC9474
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/20/2010
Updated:    07/11/2014
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The purpose of this manual is to describe the new User Defined Services (UDS) capability in MSC Nastran 2010.

This capability of MSC Nastran gives you a mechanism to utilize your own user subroutines or applications within a MSC Nastran execution.

There are many benefits to this feature, such as using your own proprietary element formulations. You can also use this feature to modify MSC Nastran’s element formulations that may not be flexible enough for your analysis. A specific case of this problem is when you are using rotor dynamics and would like to provide your own formulation of Squeeze Film Dampers in MSC Nastran.

A Tutorial on how to use User Defined Services and using the OpenFSI functionality are included.

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