Marc and Mentat 2010 Release Guide

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Status:    Published
Published date:    05/14/2010
Updated:    07/11/2014
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The release of Marc 2010 family of products broadly encompasses the following objectives:

  • New elements have been introduced that are compatible with the structural interface elements for either pure heat transfer or coupled thermal-mechanical analysis.
  • User-defined material orientation may now be defined in the ORIENT2 user subroutine which is more powerful that the older ORIENT user subroutine. The new routine provides more information.
  • Nodes may be used to define the rotation axis used for centrifugal and Coriolis loads. This also provides the ability to move the axis during the process.
  • User subroutine UDELAM has been added to be used in conjunction with the DELAMIN option. This provides greater user control as to when a mesh should be split due to material delamination.

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