Patran Product Documentation (Archive)

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Patran Product Documentation (Archive)

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  Version 2012.2 Version 2012 Version
2008 r2
Release Guide DOC10272 DOC10126 Release Guide Release Guide Release Guide
Supported Versions of Integration Products See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 6 See the Release Guide Chapter 1, page 6 See the Release Guide Chapter 1 Page 7 See the Release Guide Chapter 1 Page 8 See the Release Guide Chapter 1, Page 10
User's Guides
Patran User's Guide DOC10245 DOC10145 DOC9928   DOC9419  
Basic Functions DOC10246 DOC10127 DOC9939   DOC9408  
Geometry Modeling DOC10247 DOC10135 DOC9938   DOC9409  
Finite Element Modeling DOC10248 DOC10133 DOC9937   DOC9410  
Functional Assignments DOC10249 DOC10134 DOC9936   DOC9411  
Analysis Application DOC10250 DOC10124 DOC9935   DOC9412  
Results Postprocessing DOC10251 DOC10148 DOC9934   DOC9413  
XY Plotting DOC10252 DOC10153 DOC9933   DOC9414  
Analysis Manager DOC10253 DOC10138 DOC9921   DOC9426  
Materials DOC10254 DOC10140 DOC9922   DOC9425  
Interface Guides
MSC Nastran Structural Analysis DOC10255 DOC10142 DOC9932   DOC9415  
MSC Nastran Thermal Analysis DOC10257 DOC10141 DOC9926   DOC9421  
MSC Nastran Implicit Nonlinear Analysis            
Marc DOC10256 DOC10139 DOC9927   DOC9420  
Patran Thermal/Hydraulic Analysis DOC10258 DOC10151 DOC9924    DOC9423  
Patran Viewfactor Analysis DOC10259 DOC10152 DOC9923   DOC9424  
Sinda DOC10260 DOC10150 DOC9915   DOC9432  
Abaqus DOC10261 DOC10123 DOC9925    DOC9422  
Ansys DOC10262 DOC10125 DOC9919   DOC9428  
Dytran DOC10263 DOC10130        
LS-DYNA DOC10264 DOC10129 DOC9920    DOC9427  
Patran 2 Neutral File DOC10265 DOC10143 DOC9916   DOC9431  
PAMCRASH DOC10266 DOC10144 DOC9918   DOC9429  
SAMCEF DOC10267 DOC10149 DOC9917   DOC9430  
PCL Reference Manuals
PCL and Customization DOC10268 DOC10128 DOC9929   DOC9418  
PCL Reference Manual: Function Descriptions DOC10269 DOC10146 DOC9931   DOC9416  
PCL Reference Manual: Code Examples DOC10270 DOC10147 DOC9930   DOC9417  
Fatigue Guides
MSC Fatigue 2017 Theory Guide            
MSC Fatigue 2017 User's Guide     DOC9948      
MSC Fatigue 2016 Quick Start Guide


Vol1: DOC10132 

Vol2: DOC10131

Vol1: DOC9949

Vol2: DOC9950

Acumen Related Documentation
Acumen-Function Descriptions           DOC9235
Acumen-Code Examples           DOC9236
Acumen- Application Author's Guide           DOC9233
Acumen-Runtime Releases and Installation Guide           DOC9234


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