MSC Nastran 2013 Superelements User's Guide

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Published date:    06/11/2013
Updated:    07/11/2014
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Learn how to solve various superelement analyses using MSC Nastran.


MSC Nastran is the world's most widely used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver. When it comes to solving for stress/strain behavior, dynamic and vibration response and thermal gradients in real-world systems, MSC Nastran is recognized as the most trusted multidiscipline solver in the world.


The MSC Nastran Superelements User’s Guide is shows how the analyst can not only analyze larger models (including those which exceed the capacity of your hardware), but can perform analyses more efficiently. Limits on hardware resources, combined with budget restrictions, limit the ability of engineers to solve large, complicated problems with high fidelity meshes. A solution to these problems (both hardware and time budget), can be achieved for many models by using superelements in MSC Nastran. The Superlements User’s Guide explains the fundamentals of superelement analysis and shows examples of different types of analysis using superelements in MSC Nastran.


  • Included here you will learn how to use MSC Nastran to:
  • Define List, Part, and External superelements
  • Perform inertia relief analysis using superelements
  • Use superelements for multiple loading situations
  • Perform dynamic analysis using superelements
  • Prepare Adams flexible bodies
  • Perform aeroelasticity analysis
  • Perform nonlinear and buckling analysis with superelements
  • Use superelements in random vibration analysis

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