MSC Nastran 2013 Design Sensitivity and Optimization User’s Guide

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Status:    Published
Published date:    06/11/2013
Updated:    07/11/2014
Reported In:   MSC Nastran (2013) - MSC Nastran Docs


The MSC Nastran Design Sensitivity and Optimization User’s Guide is intended to explain the capability of MSC Nastran to predict the effect of changes in the structural model on structural responses (sensitivity) and to resize the structure so as to satisfy imposed design conditions while taking a particular response to minimum (or maximum) value (optimization).

As such, it is the User’s Guide for two MSC Nastran modules: Design Optimization and Topology Optimization.

The Design Optimization capability performs general tasks that are the focus of this volume while Topology Optimization is a special purpose capability intended to find the optimal distribution of material and is described in a special section of this volume.

The Topology Optimization User's Guide has been integrated into the Design Sensitivity and Optimization User's Guide.

Note that sensitivity analysis is available in standard MSC Nastran and does not require additional modules. The guide provides guidance in preparing the input and assessing the output. A number of examples are provided to illustrate the use of MSC Nastran Design Sensitivity and Optimization.

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