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WS1-2 SMX 101 , Workshop 1, June 2007 Copyright 2007 MSC.Software Corporation
CMS-XML MD R2 Nastran SOL101 general contact problem
There is a problem in MD R2 Nastran SOL 101 general contact. If two deformable contact bodies touch each other initially, SOL101 general contact may give wrong results. The contact bodies deform as if they were glued together and the job takes long time to finish.
CMS-XML Known Issue 2005r2: Adams-to-Nastran macro problem.
Is there a known issue of an error detected on line number 40, character 93 of the macro '.ADM2 NAS .macros.mac_ari_a2n_set_for'?
MS-WORD SOP for Oracle Knowledge Applications.docx
OK Component(s) SWIN601. NA .MSCSFTWARE.COM WL Admin & Domain
CMS-XML MSC/MD Nastran 2012.2.0 corrected errors
NAS -11768
CMS-XML Spline verification in FlightLoads fails: Error=23
Unexpected Flightloads Error: NServer_ExeStatus returned Error=23 in Function=MscNCheckBreakPoint FlightLoads looks for " NA _optimization " license feature, although there is no reason to look for optimization license in an aeroelastic job with splining operation.
CMS-XML RFORCE rotational acceleration not supported in Marc, SOL600
A workaround is to run a NASTRAN SOL 101 with the RFORCE rotational acceleration defined and ask for Applied Loads Data Recovery (OLOAD)... post these results in Patran and turn them into a Field... then this Field can be applied as a load for a SOL600 run. Not an elegant solution, but a workaround that will do the job.
CMS-XML Sol600 with mem=max fails with SYSTEM FATAL MESSAGE 3008
pending artifact NAS -16427
CMS-XML Particle Velocity from Transient Acoustic Analysis is not available
As per PD these outputs are only available in frequency response: NAS -32824
CMS-XML Problems running MD Nastran 2010 on remote nodes with different architectures.
You may have problems when submitting jobs between hpux and hpipf nodes. This is being addressed in Artifact # NAS -9590 If you submit from HPUX to HPIPF:
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